Native Translators or Philologists – Who’s the Best?

It is a general conviction that local speakers have an edge over the individuals who learned the language through the study/education. Local speakers don’t pay highly regard to the language grammar, punctuation, or other specialized matters that much in comparison with the philologists.

General ideas about Native Translators and Philologist

It is a general belief that native speakers have an edge over those who learned the language through the study. Native speakers do not pay much heed to the grammar,Native Translators or Philologists - Who’s the Best? Articles syntax, or other technical matters that much in comparison to the philologists. Philologists are those who study linguistics, history and origin of a language. Their knowledge is very different from those of native speakers. They delve deep into the languages and do a thorough analysis of them to gain a better understanding. This trait differentiates a philologist from a native speaker or translator

Now when it comes to language translation services, both philologists and native translators are helpful. It totally depends on the situation and requirements whether one should go for a native speaker or a studied linguist. Translation companies all over the world hire both types of translators for their diverse requirements. Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd., a multi-language translation company in India, boasts teams of both native translators and expert linguists to strike the perfect balance. To understand the differences of the native translators and philologists, we need to look at the nature of their working.

The Working Pattern of a Philologist

Philologists acquire the knowledge of a language through in depth studies and research. They are aware about the origin of the language, its evolution over the years, the events that have shaped it and so on. For instance, when they use a word they know exactly at what context it is applicable and how it affects the readers. They are better suited in academic settings as their knowledge help the students and researchers to find the authenticity of the language. The historical as well as classical texts that are written in ancient languages require the assistance of the philologists to understand. They, along with their expert knowledge help to decode every word and its context. Their knowledge of the history of the language also comes handy in this situation.

There is another situation where their expertise helps a lot. In diplomatic matters where the emotion and the sensibilities of the people in front are as much important as the matters discussed, the philologists can be of great help. They know exactly how they perceive a conversion and how to direct it so that it can get the work done. traductor oficial bogota

Likewise, the business world too can benefit from philologists when they have a global expansion plan. They help to understand the language in the context of its history, people and culture. It makes the connection with the target consumer, easy and effective.

Need for Native Translators

Now, the native translators too have their place in the market. There is no denying that a native translator understands the subtleties and nuances of his own language automatically and better than others. They know the common uses and phrases very well, they are also updated about the new trending terms and words earlier than others. Most importantly, they are aware of the abusive languages and local slangs. This knowledge comes handy when you are dealing with local people. The business houses can benefit from them by using their skills in sales and marketing and retail related projects.

Final Words – Who Is Best?

The main point is neither the philologists nor the native translator is absolute. They both perform different duties and both of them are necessary to keep things going. All we have to keep in mind is that their skills and knowledge should be applied where it is most relevant to gain maximum benefit out of them.

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