Eyelid Surgery – a Procedure With Two Purposes

While there are a number of plastic surgery procedures that are exclusively cosmetic, eyelid surgery carries a dual purpose. For cosmetic patients, this procedure can be combined with other procedures to create better overall results.

While most people know about the more popular plastic surgery procedures,Eyelid Surgery - a Procedure With Two Purposes Articles such as a face lift or breast augmentation, there are other procedures that few may know about. Eyelid surgery is one such option that can create dramatic results when it comes to droopy eyelids, wrinkles, or excess fat and skin in the upper or lower eyelids. Although it is a lesser known cosmetic surgery, it is not always an elective procedure; some patients seek this surgery to correct impaired vision due to droopy eyelids. rinoplastia medellin

Eyelid surgery is also known among medical professionals as a blepharosplasty. The term was first used in the 1800s when the procedure was developed to correct deformities that were the result of cancer. It then gained more popularity as a corrective surgery for wounded soldiers returning home after war. It was not until recently that eyelid surgery became an elective option. In fact, this procedure is most often performed with other cosmetic procedures, including a brow or face lift.

For elective patients, it is much more convenient to perform these surgeries together because it is less stressful for the patient to recover from these surgeries all at once, instead of having two separate surgeries. Furthermore, these combined surgeries create more dramatic results, since many patients seeking a face or brow lift are looking to create a more youthful look, which can be accentuated with eyelid surgery. However, plastic surgery is not always the answer for droopy or wrinkly eyelids. Surgical intervention is not always the first option for correcting puffy eyes or wrinkling.

Laser surgery or dermal filler injections can also repair the overall look of the eyelids, but they are not as permanent as surgery. This might be a better option for patients who have no desire to undergo any of the other lift procedures, since surgery can be inconvenient and time-consuming for many patients. Ptosis is the medical term used to describe droopy eyelids. It is caused by nerve damage or poor muscle tone in the eyelids. Often times, this condition can lead to impaired vision, which prompts many patients to seek reconstructive to improve their vision. Interestingly, eyelid surgery for reconstructive purposes only applies to the upper eyelids. Surgery on the lower portion is almost always strictly cosmetic.

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